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Lawyers, legal assistants, and paralegals are all professions that include the word “practice”. What does this mean?

The word “practice” is used in the law field to describe situations where a lawyer attempts to represent clients on behalf of their interests. This can include appearing before judges in courtrooms or negotiating with businesses outside of the courtroom. It varies from state-to-state what lawyers are required to be officially registered with a bar association and eligible for practice. In many states, non-lawyers can also work as legal assistants or paralegals.

A lawyer typically has an undergraduate degree followed by graduate degrees; 35 hours of college credit is required for many states that authorize lawyers to practice law.

A paralegal possesses a two-year college degree or equivalent work experience, usually fulfills an intern program, and prepares cases for trial. Paralegals are not authorized to practice law; they assist lawyers in their legal practice by conducting research and preparing legal documents.

What is write for us?

Write for us is a writing platform for writers around the world to share their stories. Although Write for us is not a traditional blog, it has a similar format to one. Write for us includes a setup of categories and tags where writers share their stories. Anyone can sign up and become a contributor on our platform through our website or through social media.

Guidelines to Follow for Article Submission?

  1. Word limit: 1000-2000 words
  2. Include category, tags, and author information
  3. Include a bio and image of the author
  4. Include the story in plain text and docx (Word) format
  5. Do not use any language or words that may offend anyone (Racist, sexist etc.) 
  6. Must have knowledge about law and write articles about law.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

Write for us publishes a wide variety of law-related content, including, but not limited to, the following:


: Career Articles (How to become a lawyer? How to become a paralegal?) 

/// Practice Tips (Tips for better practice) 

/// Legal News (News related to law, politics and social) 

/// Interviews (Interviews with Lawyers and Judges, Lawyers and Litigants) 

/// Law Notes (Notes on recent judgments of national importance) 

/// Book Reviews (Reviews on books concerning law).

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Why Write For Us?

The Mark on Your Resume. What is the Mark on Your Resume? Is it a mark of honesty and responsibility? Of your experience and competitiveness? It is all of these, but it is also a mark of respectability and credibility. Being serious about your career, you need to take the “Mark” seriously. It is not uncommon for ambitious people to write a book filled with information or have their name listed as an editor or editor-at-the-time on a book that they have not edited or even reviewed, because they want some sort of validation for their effort, hoping to influence others with their “expertise.” 

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